Director's Statement
The Crew

"Your not a man," says Eddie, a female impersonator well known to Mummer's Parade audiences, "until you walk in a pair of heels." The parade draws upwards of 100,000
spectators to Philly's main avenues each year.

STRUT!, the Crew

Produced by
Max L. Raab Productions
In Association with Jonesfilm

Executive Producer
Sidney Kimmel

Produced and Directed by
Max L. Raab

Seymour Mednick

Very Special Thanks to
Robert Downey, Sr.

Kathleen Soulliere

Story Consultant
Murray Dubin

Associate Producers
Eric Chung
Ed Kirlin
Kathleen Soulliere

Principal Cinematography
Jeff Confer
David Taicher
Paul Van Haute
Joe Vandergast

Still Photography
Seymour Mednick
Sol Mednick

Additional Cinematography
Seymour Mednick
Mike OĆ­She

Production and Post-

Production Manager
Eric Chung

Additional Production
Marie Patriarca
John Gooch
Chris Kellett
Dave Winston
Paul Trumbore
Brian Conner
Steve Sterling

Sound Mixer
Paul Urmson

First Assistant Camera
Jeff Baker
Max Fischer
Tom Greco
Jim Marshall
Rob Wright

Second Assistant Camera
Alissa Colley
Kris Muller
Chong Pak

HD Camera Assistant
Jeff Cornell

Research Assistant
Ward Van Haute

Production Assistants
Charles Washington
Jeff Stupak
Ward Van Haute
Christian Collins
Vernon Furniss
Brian Jordan
Shawn McCloskey
Mark Walsh
Sarah Bay Williams
Ari Afriat-Hyman
Brendan Coughlin
Tom DeFelice
Vince Mancini
Gus Rosari

Production Accounting
Stephen Broder, C.P.A