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STRUT! in the News

From the Hamptons International Film Festival Program:

October 2001


Max L. Raab and the crew of STRUT! are honored to be screening the film at the 2001 Hamptons International Film Festival, competing for a Golden Starfish for Documentary.

STRUT! will be presented
at the following times and locations:
Date Time Location
Friday, Oct. 19 5:30 U.A. 5
Saturday, Oct. 20 4:00 U.A. 6

Both screenings will be following by a
Q&A session with Max L. Raab.



From the Hamptons International Film Festival Program:

On the evidence of this joyous documentary from veteran producer Max L. Raab, the classic Philadelphia Mummer strut seems to be a kind of exuberant, often inebriated chicken dance, with elbows flapping and torso bobbing in time to "Oh Dem Golden Slippers." As wild and elaborate a street party as can be found anywhere in the world, this unique institution – part Rio Carnival, part New Orleans Mardi Gras, all South Philly pageantry – is held each New Year’s Day on a set city route. Using vintage newsreel footage and lively personal reminiscences, STRUT! traces the history and development of Mummers and their unique, tradition-bound clubs, anecdotally describing the different divisions and revealing little-known facts (Mummers apparently summer together in North Wildwood, New Jersey). In the succinct words of one participant, It’s like opening up a National Geographic and trying to figure out what the Zulus are up to…and only the Zulus know."

— Eddie Cockrell

After spending three months on the set of Frank Perry’s DAVID AND LISA (1962), Philadelphia apparel manufacturer Max L. Raab became interested in independent filmmaking. His subsequent credits as executive producer include Agnes Varda’s LION'S LOVE (1969), Aram Avakian’s END OFTHE ROAD (1970), Stanley Kubrick’s A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1970), Nicolas Roeg’s WALKABOUT (197 ), and Leo Garen’s GRASSLAND (1975). After more than 20 years out of the business, Raab makes his directorial debut with STRUT.