Director's Statement
The Crew

From the Director

It didn’t take long to learn that there is a world of difference between narrative and documentary filmmaking. My experience until now was in narrative film only.

My neatly planned outline soon became of little use when strangers invaded the world I envisioned. The players were not the same individuals who ran around inside my head, rather strong characters with minds of their own. I instructed my crew to lay back and let the film happen. Each day I learned more about how little I knew.

The story started to tell itself. What began as a six or seven-week project wound up taking two-and-a-half years. The total 100 hours of footage was edited down to less than two hours. The material was so rich and the stories so numerous that it was difficult to choose which of the possible story lines to tell.

My head is still spinning.

Max L. Raab, Director